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Brief description of technological and production know-how of HYDAL technology:

The market for biopolymers and bioplastics and its demands - have these basic parameters:
The latest trends in plastic materials show a high increase in demand for organic products. Global demand is steadily increasing. GACR is
according to different sources between 27 - 32 % for years 2014 to 2019.
Demand for biopolymer PHA is growing fastest – it is due to its biodegradability in water, sea and soil. In this sense, it is a unique biopolymer.
Technology, that can effectively produce PHA with low costs – that is Czech technology Hydal – is the key to further development of bioplastic
Technology can be 100% energy-independent, because the used cooking oil is energy source at the same time. Hydal is first industrial
technology in the world which uses so called feedstock of 3rd generation (i.e. 100% waste), which is a surplus on a global scale and, moreover,
there is no more effective use for its lowest quality. From the global perspective of food stocks, it is therefore preferable to use waste for plastics
production rather than an element of the food chain.
HYDAL`s biggest competitive advantage is the surplus of input raw materials on a global scale at a very low price, the independence of
technology on energy prices and energy sources (producing energy for own use), independence from labor price growth - technology is
automated. High yield and process efficiency - oil has 3 times more energy than sugar.

3 numbers which define impact of our activities on society:

Hydal - the first bioplast in endless circulation and under the "baton" of nature - Hydal is nature

The story of the brand
I am from waste. As a vegetable oil I have already been used to fulfill my purpose. I became waste. As
waste, I can also destroy / drain /. I got a new chance - Czech biotechnology Hydal has returned me into
cycle. From the waste I became a biopolymer PHA / polyhydroxyalkanoates /. That's why my name is
Hydal. I was made by nature - bacteria that are part of our ecosystem for millions of years. I'm a
biomaterial that can replace microplastics or synthetic plastics. There will be no waste left - I'm falling
apart in soil, water and seas for water and CO2.    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    New life of wastes.
Hydal is technology for upcycling. Which means waste oil does not recycle into oil but it
produces a completely different product - biopolymer.

Nature produces
The bacteria we use are part of the ecosystem for millions of years. Probably 2 billion years ago
it came from space. It does not produce PHA purposelessly - for bacteria it is a reservoir of
energy for worse times.

Nature „recycles“
Nature is perfect and what it produces can reuse - recycle. PHA is food for microorganisms
(other bacteria) or for organisms - it is a source of energy for them. Thanks to these properties,
PHA is fully biodegradable - that is, nature will make full use of it - in soil, water, seas.

What are the goals of sustainable development under the UN we fulfill?

Our Hydal Technology received several international awards and recognitions including:

The 2015 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award /read more evaluation report/

Seal of Excellence of European Commission

China High-Tech Fair 2016 TOP 10 Product Award


In 2015 Nafigate Corporation had an honor to represented Czech Republic with its Hydal Technology at World EXPO 2015 in Milano, Italy. For this occasion, we appointed major sculptor to create a large statue of bluebird whose heart is made entirely of our PHB bioplastics. As the original source material, used cooking oil, was toxic and hazardous for environment, it was turned into clean and eco- friendly substance. Statue, with its bioplastic heart, still stands as a reminder that our hearts as well must aspire for purity and being in peace with nature.