Hydal is nature

In 2012 B2B Hydal brand was created, it covered up and still covers global B2B communication of Hydal brand.We use different variants: Hydal Biotech, Hydal Corporation. All these variants are for the B2B segment only.

In 2017 we identified the need to create B2C product brand that will be used for selected products – such as home 3D printing filaments, packaging etc. – to express the key competitive advantage of Hydal biotechnology – and that is PHA biopolymer and bioplastics production from waste, without the use of food sources.

And so „Hydal is nature“ brand was created and has this story and design:
I am nature. I am made of Waste. I was already used once and fulfilled my purpose. Thanks to the fact that you bought me, we give nature a new chance. I am bioplastic that you can put in your home compost or bio-waste bin after use. There will be nothing left – I´ll fall apart on water and CO2. Thank you very much for giving me the chance for a new life and for the chance to help the nature together and to all of us.