Representatives of NAFIGATE Corporation a.s. met in Tokyo with the leaders of the Japanese Bioplastic Association.

We will be part of  “Plastics Reincarnation-2018”

We are preparing 2 projects for Horizon 2020

NAFIGATE Corporation presents Hydal project in Shenzen (China)

Developments on the PHA Bioplastics front continue to advance

Hydal will start the production of PHA biopolymer in Slovakia in the site of Slovak partner. It is the first industrial plant for production of this biopolymer. Hydal biotechnology enables the production from used cooking oil.

New Studies Confirm: Biodegradable Plastics Boost Organic Recycling and Improve Mechanical Recycling

Biodegradable plastics offer innovative solutions to improve recycling quality by facilitating the means for more efficient separate waste collection.

Successful government mission to Malaysia

Representatives of NAFIGATE Corporation participated in a government mission to Malaysia. Introducing Biotechnology Hydal has met with great reputation. Malaysia brings new opportunities to build Hydall's production capacities.

Czech biotechnology Hydal gained further success

The Czech Republic won the prize for “Top 10 Product” at the prestigious Chinese trade exhibition China High Tech Fair 2016 in Shenzhen, which was competed for by over a thousand exhibitors from around the world.

I am nature

The new B2C product brand for Hydal PHA - I am nature - will be launched on the global market in November 2017 in Shenzhen (PRC).

MANGO materials selected for Phase II STTR NASA AWARD

Mango Materials has been selected for a Phase II STTR award from NASA to explore the production of biopolymers in a microgravity environment. This funding will aid in continuing the work from the Phase I award.