About Us

Hydal Corporation is joint venture between two companies: NAFIGATE Corporation and Panara.

NAFIGATE Corporation is Czech research corporation which developed technology for processing used cooking oil to PHB. Panara is Slovakian company which focus on production and development of bioplastics. Panara’s key know- how dwell in bioplastics blending and bioplastics product development. In 2017 NAFIGATE Corporation and Panara joined hands in bringing Hydal technology to the markets all across the world and set up Hydal Corporation in Singapore. By the early 2018, Hydal Corporation will launch first large-scale production facility with yearly output of 1000 tons of PHB in Slovakia.

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Our Technologies

Biotechnology Hydal is unique technology which process used cooking oil into PHB type of bioplastics. PHB is subgroup of PHA bioplastics and is well known for its high quality properties, as well it’s good biodegradability. Currently, biotechnology Hydal is only available technology in the world for the mass production which can convert waste into PHB bioplastics.

About Nonoilen technology

None of the existing bio-polymer producers is able to blend 100% bio-based composition without high proportion of fossil based polymers in order to reach acceptable mechanical and physical properties and material bio-degradability at the same time.

Nonoilen is not only 100% bio based but also 100% biodegradable due to majority of PHA in its compositions. By adding PLA, which is also bio-polymer, we are able to adapt biodegradation process according to various climate and weather conditions. Thanks to availability of high quality and good priced Hydal PHA, we are able offer 100% bio-based and 100% bio-degradable blends.

Our Team

Why am I interested in biotechnology?

Stanislav Obruča

I like the idea of Hydal - turning problematic waste into valuable stuff. I am proud that I am a part of the project from very beginning - one cold winter morning few years ago. With hindsight, I see that the idea was exciting but also a little bit naive. It must have been. Some level of naivety is one of the identification markers of world-changing ideas. You cannot change the World with both feet on it.

Prof. Ing. Pavol Alexy, PhD.

The HYDAL technology represents only realistic solution of full ecological utilisation of plastics in whole life cycle from plastics production to waste management.

Daniel Pohludka

From the professional point of view: unique biotetechnology I have passion for. As a human being, excellent way of prosessing useless material into very helpful material for people and environment.

Radek Přikryl

The whole concept of Hydal was interesting for me since its begin. Especially great idea to produce the material from waste to material which does not harm nature and thus people. For me Hydal concept is proffesional mission, from personal point of view it is fulfilling my personal dream to participate in something great that could helps humanity in global scale.

Zuzana Pacáková

Unique co-operation with nature, natural disposal of hard-to-use waste and closing of the product cycle naturally, without any further trace of waste. That means Hydal technology for me.

Juraj Bolyó

Unique opportunity to be a part of something great and exceptional. Especially for me, it means be a part of strong team with excellent people and rare occasion for actively contribution to permanent development and improvement of the biotech processes, with challenging results… It´s exciting.